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Sturdy Woman

Plus Size Yoga Sculptures

Plus Size Yoga Sculptures

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Surround yourself with things as beautiful as you are. These body positive yoga figurines come in a variety of poses, colors, and sizes to fit any desk, bookshelf, coffee table, or night stand. Put one wherever you need to be reminded of your grace, power, and beauty. Lipedema can feel like a balancing act, but you got this!

My personal favorite is the one with her legs up the wall.


Synthetic resin

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Dimensions in centimeters (cm):

Up Dog - Small: Length: 13.5, Width: 13, Height: 19
Up Dog - Medium: Length: 23.5, Width: 12, Height: 18

Shoulder Stand - Small: Length: 12, Width: 11, Height: 23.5
Shoulder Stand - Medium: Length: 20, Width: 13, Height: 15.5

Splits - Small: Length: 14.5, Width: 8, Height: 12
Splits - Medium: Length: 13, Width: 16.5, Height: 21.5

Side Stretch - Small: Length: 11, Width: 18, Height: 14
Side Stretch - Medium: Length: 12.5, Width: 8, Height: 10.5

Bow - Small: Length: 8.5, Width: 8, Height: 12.5
Bow - Medium: Length: 8, Width: 9.5, Height: 13.5

Prayer Hands - Small: Length: 7, Width: 10.5, Height: 9.5
Prayer Hands - Medium: Length: 8.5, Width: 7, Height: 14

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Give yourself affirmations

A lipedema goddess sculpture will looks great on your desk, but what about the wall?

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