Why I Love Alternate Day Fasting (Part #1) | Fasting February

I love fasting, but it didn’t come to me naturally or easily.  Before I knew I had lipedema, I spent years counting calories, restricting, and over exercising in an attempt to shrink my body.  Of course, having an undiagnosed fat disorder made that a Sisyphean task.  Endless.  Impossible.  Or so I thought. Doctors and researchers… Continue reading Why I Love Alternate Day Fasting (Part #1) | Fasting February

Remember Her Name

Happy Music Monday, sturdy women! Mondays often demand extra motivation and my go-to source is usually a good song. Pop on some headphones and celebrate yourself with a one-woman dance party, whatever that looks like for you today! This week I'm putting a little extra pep in my step with Mickey Guyton's new song Remember… Continue reading Remember Her Name